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Fanfictional Stories

Surviving Hero - Chapter 1: Waking Up
Summary: I wake up in a new world, a world I know nothing about. Sure I've heard of the game, I've read the stories, but do I have what it takes to help the galaxy's hero stop our galaxy from ending? I doubt it.
Chapter 1: Waking Up
I sat there on a bench overlooking, well, everything. I knew for sure that I wasn't dreaming, because every few seconds I pinched myself. Not dreaming. Maybe I was dead? Yeah, you died in your sleep and now you’re... my train of thought ended. I couldn't even think it let alone say it. Suddenly a blue, obviously alien, woman walked past me. I pinched myself again. I'm...dead and I was reborn in A reptile like creature walked past me all the while talking to a...jellyfish? I blinked. Rewind, girl, what's the last thing you remember? My eyes closed. Being home, going to bed, wanting something important in my life. Wanting a job, a car, a husband one day, and
Hero's Survival - Chapter 1: Now What?
Summary: The Reapers are here, the galaxy is being destroyed, and it's all my fault. Now I've gotta stop the Reapers, save the galaxy, and find a way home...oh and I'm pregnant. What's a girl to do?
Pairings: Female Shepard/Garrus, Joker/OC, and Male Shepard/?
Language Warning: Contains adult language
Rated: T or PG-13
Chapter 1: Now What?
Location: Battlefield Above Earth
Date: June 14, 2184
My eyes widened as we watched the Citadel begin to open as the Crucible attached itself to it. Then Hackett's voice came through the comm system. "Shepard, the Crucible isn't firing! It's something on your end!" Ann's voice came through next. "There's nothing here!" She sounded both panicked and exhausted. "Wha-" came John's voice before we lost a connection with both. I looked over towards Jeff, who was sitting in his chair; while I sat in the co-pi
Hero's End - Chapter 1: 180 Days
Summary: Thrown across the galaxy to an unknown world Serena and company try to find their way back to Earth. Meanwhile back on Earth the governments of the gathered allies now have nowhere to go and with the rising tempers come a new threat that threatens to destroy everything everybody has worked so hard to build. Will peace ever come or will war always be on the horizon?
Pairings: Female Shepard/Garrus, Joker/OC, and Male Shepard/?
Language Warning: Contains adult language
Rated: T or PG-13
Chapter 1: 180 Days
Date: 180 Days since Citadel EMP (CEB)
Location: Unknown World
It’d been one hundred and eighty days since the Normandy had crash landed on the unknown world. It had been found that John Shepard was the one that had gotten onto the ship; Ann had fallen behind and the Normandy had been forced to leave her; something Jeff sti

Jakked Up - Chapter 1: Normal No More
Summary: With darkness looming within himself and in his world Jak had changed more in the two years they’d been separated than the furball would ever realize.
Title: Jakked Up
Rating: M
Pairing: Jak/Daxter
Chapter 1: Normal No More
Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Blue eyes fluttered open as pain laced through a young man’s boy as he slowly sat up. He’d landed on something hard that felt like it was made out of rock. His arm felt stiff and he was sure he had cracked a rib or two. Looking up his eyes widened as he took in surroundings. He was in some sort of city. He’d never been to a city, only the small villages that surrounded his small one of Sandover and he was now certain he and his friends had gone further North than Gol’s citadel, how else could he explain this. He could vaguely hear Daxter, hi
A Different Story - Chapter 1: Birth and Death
Summary: A new twist to the Jak and Daxter story, what if Jak had a sister, but one who wasn't sent to Sandover Village with him and Samos? What if she grew up as a normal girl; who one day find herself thrusted back into the cut throat, stab-you-in-the-back world of Haven City? What if this girl had a destiny that not even Onin could've predicted?
Language Warning: Contains adult language.
Rated: T or PG-13
Pairings: Jak/Keira, Torn/OC, & Jinx/OC
Chapter 1: Birth and Death
In the beginning there was nothing but a void. No thought, no art, nothing existed. Nothing but darkness; darkness and a voice; a soothing feminine voice that whispered of a life that would be, that could be and should be, of promises, and protection. With one voice came a second; much deeper voice. It too spoke of love, protection, and promises. It was then that the feminine voice gasped and much later
Big Jak, Lil Jak - Chapter 1: Battle
Summary: This is an AU Jak story sortta inspired by lady-darkstreak. What if after Jak had killed Kor that Mar never went back right then and there. What if Jak decided he was going to protect his younger self from the horrors of the future and what kind of future would bring?
Rating: T-M somewhere between teen and mature; so maybe PG-13?
Chapter 1: Battle
Darkness, it seemed to be everywhere these days. The once beautiful landscape that had been filled with jungles, villages, and precursorjunk, as Daxter once had called them. Jak felt the beast within himself. It wasn’t as bad as it had once been all those months ago when Daxter had saved him and gotten him out of the Baron’s prison. Back then the darkness had been eating his very soul. He had felt empty every time he couldn’t control the beast within. He was certain that one day he’d go dark, as Daxter called i
Big Jak, Lil Jak: Past and Present - Chapter 1
Summary: After having sent his younger self back in time, Jak and Daxter begin living life like they always had; one adventure at a time. However, now that his father has found him Damas refuses to let Jak out of his sight very long. Meanwhile in the past young Jak begins a new life with some problems of his own; but with a promise of a bright future to come both boys begin another adventure.
Rating: T-M somewhere between teen and mature; so maybe PG-13?
Pairings: J/K, D/T, and T/A
Chapter 1: The New Normal
Location: Wasteland
Light from the new morning sun began to stretch along the land across Gaia, from the scorched land of the wastes to the jungles in the north and even to the lowest of the lands across the sea to the brink. The sun brought forth a new day with new life within it. As the rays of the suns light crossed the wastes to the dessert cit

Best of 2012-2013

2012 Pictures

Afternoon Cardinal by m-angel05 Old Girl by m-angel05 My Baby Girl by m-angel05 Old Times by m-angel05

2013 Pictures

Little Squirrel By The Well by m-angel05 Little White Spikey Guy by m-angel05 In Flight by m-angel05 White Moth by m-angel05 Daylily by m-angel05

Best of 2014-2015

2014 Pitures

Blue Blubber Jellyfish V (edited) by m-angel05 The Unknown Picture by m-angel05 Single Bloom by m-angel05 Duo by m-angel05

2015 Pictures

Best Friends for Life by m-angel05 Old Girl (edited version) by m-angel05 Split-in-Half by m-angel05


Dreams of Elysium by AnnMarieBone

Dreams of Elysium

by AnnMarieBone



Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke

About Me

[PC] Angel by ChibiGirl10 - (made by: :iconchibigirl10:)
Sex: Female

Age: 20-30 yrs old

Relationship Status: Ask and I might tell you.

About Me: I am currently a hobbyist photographer; however I do want to take some photography college classes some day. I do enjoy writing stories, both fictional and fanfictional. To find my fan based stories you can find most of them on; I only have a couple on here. I do hope you enjoy my photo’s, journals and polls. I’ve had one contest last year and I’m thinking of hosting another one. Check out my poll on that and my journal on my Kiribans. Have idea’s on future journal features, tell me and I’ll try to do your idea. If you donate to my donation pool all donations will go towards my premium membership and contests.


DA Family

Niece: :iconmenacingnightmares: :iconmadame-darkana:
Cousin: :icontwistedartisan:
Second Cousin 2x removed: :iconkaleidoscopethepony:

My adopts/OC's
Angel (with BG) by m-angel05 Lillian Rayne by m-angel05 Jewels by m-angel05

Made For Me

The stars are fire. by Raisukei by :iconraisukei:
m-angel05 Request by sirrawson by :iconsirrawson:
Request: m-angel05 by zoryanny by :iconzoryanny:
Ann Shepard by Savvid by :iconsavvid:
Request from m-angel05 by azuregundam by :iconazuregundam:

Made For Me - My OC's

Serena Lavargus by capn-gary Serena - Portrait by capn-gary Serena Lavargus from Surviving Hero 1-3
'My name is Narima Vol'com... by capn-gary I am Captain Vol'com by capn-gary Narima Vol'com from A New Dawn - WIP

All the above is made by :iconcapn-gary: for me.

[Requst] Lillian for M-Angel05 by FakeTsuki Angel by sanjee-chan [Kiriban] Kitah by Hallsifer
Above are by :iconfaketsuki:, :iconsanjee-chan: and :iconhallsifer:


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